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Book 1 – Birthday Buck: A First Deer Story

Birthday Buck is a wholesome, heartwarming story about a boy named Jet and his journey toward his first deer—a journey that teaches him many timeless truths about life. This thrilling adventure with several unexpected twists and turns is an excellent book for any kid who loves the outdoors. It’s family-friendly and great for reading together or alone. No matter how it’s read, Birthday Buck will keep kids excitedly turning the pages, eager to find out what’s going to happen next.

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Moms, Dads, and Grandparents love it!

Enjoyable story for my son. The character lessons were an added bonus!

My son loves the outdoors and hunting, but we have always had a difficult time getting him to read. He has dyslexia so reading practice is important, but it’s usually a chore. Since receiving Birthday Buck, my son has read almost everyday. I was so surprised when he said he was going to his room to read and was even more surprised when I saw he was on chapter 10. It was so nice to not have to beg him. However, I was curious and one afternoon read the book myself and was pleased to discover so many valuable lessons hidden among the hunting tales. Although Birthday Buck is a hunting story for those who love the outdoors it is also so much more!!

Erica E.


Loved the story! I love hunting with my family, and I wish I would have had “Birthday Buck” to read to my sons when they were younger. It reminded me of the expectant heart of young hunters and the true reason why we hunt.

J.A. Davis

Birthday Buck is a must read for all kiddos who love the outdoors!

What began as just another chapter book for our 8 year old son, with us reading together, culminated in him sneaking to read by flashlight after bedtime and staying up late on a Saturday to finish the book (and even waking me that night to try to tell me about the ending). He loved the humor in the book, even giggling out loud as he imagined the main character brought to life. As a parent, I appreciated the wholesome nature of the book, which touched on peer relationships and learning how to be truly happy for a friend’s success.
It’s difficult to find many chapter books that will hold the interest of our very active son, but Birthday Buck definitely fit the bill! I’ve recommended it to all of our friends. Now we can’t wait for the next release!

Anna P.

Hunting and Outdoor Writers agree…

A Story Well Told

Just this past week I had the pleasure to read an advance copy of the excellent book BIRTHDAY BUCK. This book sheds light on hunting in today’s world and all the positive things that come from the experience. While it is written from a youngster prospective, I know a lot of adults who need to read it. It is a story well told, about kids hunting today.

I recommend BIRTHDAY BUCK to anyone looking for a Christmas or birthday present for any youngster interested in the outdoors. Perhaps adults on your gift list should get a copy also.

J. Wayne Fears, Legendary and Award-Winning Writer of Outdoor Literature, including more than 6,200 Magazine Articles and 34 Books

About the Author

Dr. Jimmy Tidmore is a husband, father, and pastor serving at a small church in Huntsville, Alabama. He and his son, Jet, enjoy pursuing outdoor adventures together both on the land and in the sky. These adventures served as the basis and inspiration for The Hunt Club Kids Series.

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